Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's Sunday night again and I get to prepare for the week ahead. Here are 7 things I can do to stay ahead:

1. Pack Lunch - that means everyone's lunches. I just packed 2 days worth of lunches for the kids and for myself so that tomorrow morning will go smoother.

2. Organize the Clothes - even if all I can do is get tomorrow's outfit's ready to go, I will still be winning. I find it easier just to grab everyone's clothes and go. At this point I am still assisting most of the kids in the morning. While I am in this hands on season I need to stay ahead any way I can.

3. Organize my own Clothes - I have the habit of going to the gym before everyone wakes up. The only way I get out of bed is if the clothes and shoes are ready to go. Organizing everything the night before gives me extra motivation I need to get out and train in the morning. Having my work clothes ready when I come back is a must.

4. Set the alarm clock - for the whole week! I use my phone's alarm clock so I have that luxury. I have multiple alarms for multiple activities. When I leave them set, I am more likely to get up and get going. I also have an old school alarm clock. Those things are loud, obnoxious, and they work very well. As long as I get up, I'm winning.

5. Wash the Dishes - I dread this one but I tell myself that I do not want to look at the them in the morning. I turn on an interesting Podcast and just get it done until I finish it.

6. Turn on the Coffee Maker - I program mine. The smell of coffee brewing also motivates me to get out of bed. Whatever it takes right?

7. Write in my Weekly Schedule - I use a digital calendar but I write in a physical, weekly calendar that stays in my refrigerator. By looking at my schedule, I can see what's ahead. I can also be sure that I don't over-schedule myself. I'll be honest and tell you that some weeks look better than others. My favorite weeks include lots of family time.

How you "stay ahead" when preparing for your week?