Chevron Houston Marathon Week 19

Friday, November 6, 2015

The time I decided to start running again, there were no perfect conditions. I didn't have the correct clothes (check out the cotton shirt), correct running shoes or running gear.
Some moms get back out there earlier than I did but oh I was so sleep deprived. I was also very discouraged to run by people who do not run. I was told Houston was hot and dangerous. I decided to ignore all of the outside obstacles and run anyway. 

Ingenuity helped to pave my way to my first Chevron Houston Marathon. When you don't know what to expect, you just keep going. As I look back to that time, I'm encouraged by my own pursuit. Crossing the finish line was a victory in so many ways. I seek that same victory now. We are a little over 2 months away from race day and I still face challenges. I know that anything worth having includes challenges and barriers. Persistence says, keep running anyway. Don't let anything stop you from reaching that finish line. 

I wish I could tell you that once you run Houston it becomes a science. The marathon (as well as real life) is anything but predictable. All you can do is train your mind, strengthen your heart and put in the training so that the journey can be doable. 

Training for Houston is not convenient. We have to rearrange our entire lives to make it happen and it is  so worth it. The values I gain as I choose to press on towards my dream are priceless. 

Pressing on I will, as the marathon teaches me that it will be hard but it can be done.