Chevron Houston Marathon Week 22

Saturday, December 5, 2015

42 days to go and we started hitting our longest runs of the whole season. This week I was able to get my cross training done and one run.  I usually try to get two runs but one run is better than no run. 
happy cross training face
A few hours ago I finished another long run with the running group. It was very cold, the coldest run of the season so far. My fingers got numb (gloves and all) when we hit a certain part of town but the longer we ran the better I felt. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the prayers and support of my friends. 
As you can tell, this week was "crazy hair" week during my runs. I'm in the midst of organizing our closets (plus everything else I have going on) and I can't find my hats for the life of me. It's all good. Haha!

I'm also eager to run the Chevron Houston Marathon. My sweetheart of a husband is running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary that day. The whole weekend experience rocks. I'm looking forward to being in the Expo and everything else the weekend entails. I'm eager to run the course and celebrate another year of training. 

Running is such a reward. I'm glad I found long distance running. Running helps me put my entire life into perspective. Running is a blessing and I am thankful to God for the ability to run. 

Have an amazing week friends! Keep praying for me, I need your prayers for a healthy, injury-free rest of the season. 

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