Pasta Dinner

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"If you want to travel fast, go alone. 
If you want to travel far, go together."

Last night I experienced what true accountability looks like for those of us who are long distance runners. My beloved running group had its annual Pasta Dinner. It was a night to celebrate all the accomplishments of the group. This is our group's 16th season. 
I won a little prize during the drawing, check it out: 
winner winner! will be put to great use :)
 I loved the theme! It did rain a lot on Saturdays this season. Our friends did a great job decorating and preparing for this amazing Dinner!
 I always take a photo of the cake. Cute!
I had the honor or training with these amazing folks in the photo but of course, there are a bunch missing. I can't thank God enough for their encouragement as we "travel far." 
The truth is that none of us know what to expect on Sunday, only God knows what. The truth is also that faith requires an evidence. My evidence is that I prepared myself and I have great hope that I will accomplish my goals. I pray that all my friends will have an amazing race Sunday! As always, I appreciate your prayers and I thank you for your encouragement. Thank God for my running group! On to our 26.2-mile victory lap folks!