Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blessed be God,
Who has not turned away my prayer,
Nor His mercy from me! Psalm 66:20

Not one of our conversations start the same way. We eventually get a glimpse of each others eyes and we share what's in our hearts. I often start by telling her something funny that happened recently. I'm all about getting a laugh or a smile from my friend. I attentively listen to her happenings. I ask questions because I care and because I'm often gathering material to take to God in the confidentiality of prayer. My friend does the same thing for me. Through the magic of friendship we both leave encouraged and feeling great about whatever lies ahead for us in life. 

Whether I am meeting a friend for coffee or for a Skype talkfest, our conversations are awesome because they are not predictable. They are spontaneous and filled with the reality of life. Friendship helps us both find the empathy, encouragement and beauty we desperately need. 

This week, during one of these conversations, I told a friend that I believe that meeting with friends is similar to prayer. How so? Prayer is about intimacy and relationship. In the 4 years I know that particular friend, our conversations never started the same way. We somehow manage to lock in and great encouragement (or humor) out of the whole thing. I know that when it comes to the subject of prayer we have the tendency to feel very formal and reserved. I don't blame us, we're talking to the Maker of the universe! During this Lent season I am also reminded that Jesus' sacrifice gave us the blessing of a relationship with God. The same God who calls us friends. Yes, there are times I'm super formal with my communication with Him. I also know Him to be a present help when I simply cry "help!" from my kitchen sink.

Prayers are not exclusive for the eloquent or for those who have the gift of gab. My goal is to teach my children to grab a hold of God by simply reaching out to Him. Any time I need to grab a hold of a friend, all I need to do is call them.

So go ahead a reach out my friend. God knows that you and I don't use the King James English when we're speaking anyway so just talk like you'd normally do with a friend. You can start with something funny or interesting that happened recently but try to get to what's really in your heart for He knows every answer to whatever faces you today.