Green 6.2 Recap 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

 I had a great time at the Green 6.2 race last Saturday! This was my first Texas race four years ago and it has become a tradition of our family. My husband was sick so he could not run it this year, so I went solo for the first time ever. Good thing I had friends there waiting for me.
As you probably know, the race starts the night before so here is my outfit. I couldn't find a hat till the morning of. I guess I fell out of the habit but I recovered pretty quickly.
Oh, this was also my first time racing in Saucony shoes. It's been a smooth transition after four years with another brand. My goal for the next couple of months is to try a bunch of new things and stick with what works during marathon season.
I met my running buddies at CityCentre at 7:15 for a photo. Don't we look excited to be running?
Here is a video of me at the start line. I'm really enjoying Facebook Live by the way! Be sure to Like my page for more videos.
The weather was pretty next to perfect. I was pretty warm with my arm warmers by the end. I was able to keep a 10:19 pace and I was pretty glad about it. The finish line experience was pretty awesome, especially when the announcer gets my name right :) I have been called "Listerine" at a finish line before. Hilarious experience! Here are some of my running group buddies with smiles and medals:
Here is Fit Foodie Le, whom I follow on social media and admire very much. Be sure to follow her for inspiration on your health journey!
I also had a chance to chat with my homegirl Lisa from She's always a joy and a blessing to me. 
Another tradition of mine is to enjoy the photo booth they have at the race.
My new running shoes were so great I didn't feel a big difference from the previous brand. I did feel they helped me run pain free (I feel pain when my shoes are getting older) and I love the bright pink color.
The course was great and I was able to right behind my Coach most of the time. I took a few walking breaks to get water and gatorade. By the way, the water was so cold and the gatorade was nice a cold too: just what I needed! I started listening to worship music but quickly had to switch to my 170 bpm Podcast just to make sure my cadence was going to help me finish close to 1 hour. I am totally going for another PR next year while completely at peace with what I got this time around.
I was happy about the 1:04 finish time. I gained quite a bit of weight since Houston and I am on my way back down again. I ran 1 minute faster last year. I often wonder what I will accomplish without the extra weight and with more training. One thing is sure: the future is bright as I invest in my health.
Thanks for reading my race recap! Unless something else interesting pops up, my next race is in San Jose, California this Fall. Till then I will get this extra weight off through good nutrition and my favorite: running. I appreciate your prayers as I continue to invest in my health. Have a great day friends!

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