2017 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon Ambassador Team

Friday, April 15, 2016

Meet the 2017 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Houston Half Marathon Ambassador Team
I am beyond honored to be part of this amazing team of runners! I'm sure you have an idea of how much I love the Chevron Houston Marathon and all the other events.
I want to invite you to join my journey as once again, I represent a marathon I love, respect and enjoy!
Being part of the team of Ambassadors for the second time feels like a dream. The reality is, I get to spread the great news about the marathon everywhere, specially here on the blog.
Be sure to read about this incredible team of Ambassadors here and follow them on social media. Also, please follow the Chevron Houston Marathon if you haven't already. Here are the links:

Follow the Chevron Houston Marathon

What can you expect from me this time around? I will do more video and post it on my social media channels.
I am determined to be super transparent with you and tell you more about how I plan to get in shape to run efficiently in 2017. Yes, I need to lose weight and I have started already! I also plan on tweaking my running strategy for 2017. Stay tuned!

I hope to inspire you to join me and sign up for the Chevron Houston Marathon, the Aramco Houston Half or for the 5K on Saturday. You can change your life in 274 days (that's how long we all have till the big day!) as you train for and run these amazing events.

I appreciate your prayers and your readership friends!

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