Need to lose weight? Try these 3 simple strategies

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Be prepared 
It's challenging to get on weight loss mode if I am not prepared. I'm a mother so I always have good food for my kids. This time around I remembered that in order to reach my goal I needed to load my grocery store basket with extra veggies for my beloved vegetable soup. I also remembered to leave any tempting goodies in the store. If I don't have any treats at home I am less likely to go out to buy it. I also prepare myself by setting some limits. 

Set some Limits 
Limits encourage me to set some boundaries in my calorie intake, the time I will stop eating and the places I will go. My doctor gave me some great advice as far as what my calorie intake should be during the week. She gave me a little bit more for the days I am running. I am also challenging myself to stop eating at a certain time so that my digestive system can get a break (and so I can sleep better). I sometimes limit places I go. The kitchen at work is specially challenging because that's where the treats are. I remember trying not to hang out there years ago when I first started on my health journey. I didn't eat a lot of calories because I didn't hang out in the kitchen. I also limit the restaurants I go. I stay away from fast food as a habit as well as establishments that serve really salty food. My favorite way to set limits is to write in my food journal. It really works for me! You can read more about it here. Setting limits is really helpful.

Know your Triggers  
I have learned that weight loss is a multi layer process. I know that certain triggers such as being stressed can really stop my progress. Once I know my triggers, I can come up with natural solutions to help me cope. I have recently written about 10 natural ways to manage stress. By having these strategies in my pocket always help me stay healthier. 

Everyone has a formula for weight loss. I have learned that I need to know what works for me. I also learned that Being prepared to succeed, setting limits and knowing my triggers can really aid my weight loss progress.