Traveling: what matters most?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Every time I set a goal related to traveling, it happens. Goal setting really works in this area. Today, one of my big goals is coming to fruition too. My goal was to simply “travel during the summer as a family.” The trip is nothing fancy but it means so much to me. Although I can’t travel extensively as I once did, I am constantly dreaming about it.  I am also questioning my own reasons for this love. Why do I love it so much? Why do I make it work for us during this season of life? Here are my 5 reasons:

1. Connecting - when I travel with my family we bond so well. I believe it’s because we need to work as a unit to achieve different goals and I enjoy how that connection is made. Also, no one needs to leave to go to work, so we are together quite a bit. I enjoy connecting with my family as a result of traveling.

2. New Memories - our children are becoming more vocal about their memories. I love how, each time we travel, new memories are formed. These memories are kept alive through photos and the stories the kids tell. I love new memories, especially the travel related ones.

3. New experiences - Traveling forces us to experience new things. We choose to get out of our box and put ourselves out there in front of the brand new. Whether we experience a new beach or a new area of town, I enjoy doing something we couldn’t do otherwise. This might actually be my favorite part of traveling friends. I get a spark on the inside every time my being connects with a new experience. It’s amazing and I love it.

4. Getting out of the Routine - I think we have a good routine but I enjoy getting completely out of it. I don’t want to exacerbate our feelings when we travel, but I do want to have the luxury of doing things in a different way. I find that I return to my routine completely renewed. I don’t want to be known as that person who did the same exact thing every day of her life thus, getting out of my routine is very important.   

5. Getting away from screens - my favorite trips are the ones who get us away from screens for a substantial amount of time. I do take screens with me. I do use them (hello Google Maps!) but I will not be enslaved by them. One screen it’s important for me is the one that displays the photos I just took in my DSLR. My goal is to increase the amount of photos I take with my Nikon so I can actually have fantastic prints.

Have you thought about the reasons why you love to travel? What matters most in this season of life?