How to set Summer Goals in One Easy Step

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hey friend, you have 205 days or 29 weeks till the end of the year! Yes, I'm a goal oriented person and I'm totally motivated by the goals I set way back in January. In all honesty, sometimes I wonder why I set my goals. When I feel like I am not making progress, it hurts me to look at them. I tell you when it does NOT hurt to look at my goals: when I reach them. So friends, I'll keep setting goals and achieving them because it works! Today I want to teach you how to set summer goals in 1 easy step. Why summer goals?

After the kids and I were out of school, I felt a little out of focus. I quickly figured out I had not set short term goals for the summer. Once I set my summer goals, life's been way more productive. 

Here's how to set summer goals in one easy stop: Write down your  Summer Priorities. Here are mine, not in order of importance:
  • Camp Listenbee - we started this week. Because we have a schedule to follow, we can be as flexible or as rigid as I'd like. It's freeing have a daily schedule. I also signed the kids up for a few classes, so they will be our "field trips." So far we are all having a great time. I also enjoy the fact that I get to be the cook for the camp (and the director, nurse, counselor, you get the picture) and we are eating WAY better than we did during the school year. I actually have more time to cook so sandwiches are scarce (yes!).  
  • Weight Loss - this last week I was able to journal my food intake for 7 days. That's a big win and it is showing. I am following my doctor's advice and that also has been a good for me. My goal is to lose weight to run better and so that my health can continue to benefit from all the effort I put into it. 
  • Bible Study - I am co-teaching a summer study on the book of Colossians (you can hear it here) so instead of hanging out non-stop, I need to study a lot. Studying during Camp Listenbee has been interesting. I honestly study when I can. I know God will continue to give me grace as I make room for Him in the midst of all the assignments He has given me. I tell you what, making time to study the Bible in depth has been fascinating. 
  • Work - Yep, I'm still working. It's been also great to learn how to work from home during the summer. Some of the strategies I started in the winter have helped me to stay productive. Maybe, if you're interested, I can tell you about my experience. You can go to to learn about what I do. 
  • Marriage - I recently looked back at these past 10 years and I decided there is plenty room for improvement for me as a wife. I am committed to invest in my marriage this summer. 

So, that's how I set my summer goals in one step. Easy hum? This list is a bit different from my January goals list but this list compliments my original goals. I find it helpful to brush off my list every season and keep my goals in front of me. 

I was amazed at how many of the goals I wrote last year have already happened. God is good and I am determined not to coast through this year. 

Last but not least, I decided to read more this summer. I got 3 books from the library: two Zig Ziglar and one John Maxwell. My goal is to fill up my positivity tank. I also know that as I read, I'll stay motivated to reach my goals. You can't give what you don't have, right? 

Have an amazing day and I hope you take the time to read your goals (or set them) today. 

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