VBS for Moms

Monday, June 6, 2016

Oh summer! That wonderful time when school is out and moms have school-aged children with them an extra 7 hours. We love our kids and most moms were ready for a much needed summer break. Here's how much we love our kids: on top of giving birth to them (duh!), nurturing them daily and caring for their every need, we plan their summers carefully. We make sure they are swim team ready. We make sure their t-shirts are decorated for that long awaited Disney trip. We make it happen! 

Summer is also that amazing time of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Whether you volunteer by teaching or feeding the workers, we make sure our kids do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the God of the Bible during their summer vacation.

We are good like that: we take care of our families and we ourselves, come last in the list. What I mean by "we ourselves" is our innermost being. Women know how to take care of the outside. I for example, blocked a few hours for a mani, pedi, facial and hair treatment (all in the convenience of my bathroom). I blocked that time because it was important and it gives me a sense of renewing. We make time for what's important to us.

I want to remind you that your soul is important. Why not lead your children by example and learn more about the God of the Bible this summer? Here's a video I recorded on the subject. Enjoy!