Chevron Houston Marathon 2017 Training Week 13

Friday, September 23, 2016

Time does not slow down for anyone. The key thing is to set goals (arrive at the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon injury-free, feeling great at 4:54:51) and pursue them with persistence. Persistence is the name of the game when it comes to me. 
I am getting out there, training and being realistic about the heat and humidity. I am also celebrating every step of the way. 
Last Saturday, we celebrated the high mileages our friends training for Fall marathons ran. It has become our tradition, which I love. I remember running those same miles a few years ago and my friend Rita coming out in person, then on her bike, then with breakfast to cheer me on and celebrate me. That made a huge impact in me and I  decided to celebrate others around me big time. 
Tomorrow is my last long run before running the San Jose Rock'n'Roll half marathon. I'm excited and ready. Unlike Chicago a few years ago, I have never been to California before. It'll be an incredible adventure and I've been training to PR. Let me explain what that looks like. I ran my first half marathon in TN a few years ago and although I had a PR, my time was super duper slow. Those hills plus, the fact that I was not in my top shape, gave me the results I got. I am confident that I can beat that time with no problems. Oh, I've been weather stalking and the temps in California are gonna be dreamy!!! Are you serious, 50s?! I'm eager to get there and get that run done. 

Another every exciting thing is that I signed up for the Houston Marathon Warm-Up Series. I've ran the 30K the first year I ran Houston but I have never ran the other races. Well, I attempted to run the Houston Half last year but it was canceled due to rain. I did get the t-shirt and the medal but you know, never pounded that pavement officially. I'm eager to have that experience because my running mentors tell me the series will really prep me for the full marathon. I'm thankful to God for this amazing opportunity! 

My stress-management is going well, which means that my nutrition choices are getting better and better. I've lost 5 lbs so far and I am committed to get to race weight. My cross-training has gotten solid this weeks. I am lifting weights and doing a lot of squats and lunges with free weights. 

Friends, I appreciate your prayers for a strong training season. Please know that you too can reach your goals when it comes to your training. The key thing is to set your goal and to pursue it with persistence. You have everything you need inside of you so tap into it! 

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