Chevron Houston Marathon 2017 Training Week 14

Thursday, September 29, 2016

First, the big news of the week: the Chevron Houston Marathon is SOLD OUT for the 12th consecutive year! Isn't that awesome? I'm eager to join thousands of runners in the streets of Houston, running to reach our goals. You can join us by running for Charity. Look for the link at the end of this post pretty please. 

One does not start marathon training (for the 5th time) without the foundational belief that "I have what it takes." I believe this with all my heart because God made us all that way. We all have what it takes to reach the goals ahead of us. I have what it takes to eat well. I have what it take to complete my cross training. I have what it takes to get up early and train before starting my day with my family. If I think I have what it takes, I'm right. If I think I don't, I'm right as well. It is more productive to believe the correct things about ourselves. 
early morning runs are great
This belief thing is not magic for me. It comes from my foundation in God and what He says about me. I often look to God to define who I am in Him and I try my best to run with that (literally). 
Fall officially started (yes!) and this weekend I am running my first race of the season. I've done the training, I'm rested and I trust God that this race will give me a good base for the rest of the training season. My goal is to learn race strategy every month. At the end of October, I run the first of 3 Chevron Houston Marathon warm-up series race. I will have 4 races on my pocket before the big day and I will be learning race strategy, pacing strategy and other valuable, real life info. I am also eager to have fun along the way and get some awesome bling. 

I appreciate your prayers for a healthy, injury-free season. I also pray that God will use me, somehow, to encourage others along the way with the message "you have what it takes." 

Thanks for reading my friend! 

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