Chevron Houston Marathon Training Week 23

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Do you ever make resolutions that are related to running? I do! In 48 days one of them will come to pass as I cross the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon. It's tough to see that most of the training is gone. I'm thankful to God for the health and determination to complete each training run. 
Houston will be my 5th marathon. Wow! I can hardly believe I've ran 5 marathons! Long distance running has become a great lifestyle. 
I can see how different seasons of life can make it easier to fall in love with the sport. I have been very thankful for cooler temperatures. Most of our training was in the heat of south Texas. The Fall and Winter bring much relief for our runs. Each year I promise not to complain about the cold. True enough, after mile 1 I am extremely thankful for the cold. Even when I can't quite get warm during the whole run, the change of weather energizes my training. 
Yesterday I went out for my long run with a few friends. I logged a little under 14.5 miles. My goal for my long runs have gotten simpler. Number one, I want to be hydrated and I want my nutrition to get me back to my car feeling great. I accomplished both of these things yesterday. I also listened to some great Podcasts that really inspired me. 
Next week we peak to 17 miles and after that, it's the last race of the warmup series (can you possibly believe it?) the 30K! I ran this race in 2013 and my finish time was 3:26:45 (11:05 pace). I honestly do not have a time goal for this year's race. My goal is simply to be hydrated and to nail my nutrition game so I can get back to my car feeling great. I also need to plan a post race celebration. The last time the kids and I went to Starbucks. This time we need something extra because I will have finished my last race for 2016. Oh, I'm also excited about getting 2 medals this time because I completed the whole warm-up series. Bling is super fun :) 
Friends, I pray you are enjoying your day. Thanks for reading and for supporting me in this journey to the finish line. I appreciate your prayers! Take care!
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