Chevron Houston Marathon Training Weeks 20 and 21

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hello! Here are two weeks of marathon training plus a race recap in one post full of photos!
Week 20 went by fast and it was super busy. My husband was out of town so I had to modify a lot of the time I train. I also rested a lot because Sunday, was the HMSA Classical 25K (15.5 miles if you are wondering). 

I was blessed with a friend who came over to keep my sweet kids and another friend who offered to drive us downtown. We arrived nice and early and we took our traditional running group photo. 
Ready for some 25K action!
When we got to the start line, I saw a familiar smile: Xavi! She's a friend a met through Instagram. She's a fantastic woman. I was so blessed to see her and we got a photo together. 
here we are: InstaFriends!
I ended up running with Xavi for the first 10 miles or so. It was such an honor getting to know her better!
 You will notice that I have plenty photos because of the amazing support I had from my running group. I can't tell you how great was to count on them. 
I had to use the restroom around mile 10 so I told Xavi to go. Here's a photo of me approaching the last loop.
One more loop to go!
This was a 3-loop course, no headphones encouraged. I think I recited several Bible scriptures in two languages. 

I also had to speak out loud and tell myself that I was going to finish with God's help and that I was strong enough to do it. God is faithful and kept His promise! This is me approaching the finish line. Hands up praising the Lord! I even got a high five from a Police Officer. Awesome!
I felt good and I was NOT dehydrated! What a great way to run a race! The memories of the previous race were still fresh so this time, it was all about not letting fear get the best of me.
 I was also reminded by one of our coaches that I was doing that for fun. I was so thankful for that reminder! It helped me finish strong. I finished in 3:27:37. My nutrition plan backfired but I finished in my two legs and I hydrated well. I'm thankful!
The next race I have scheduled is the Fort Bend KIA 30K. I'm excited about this one because of two reasons: 1. It's close to home 2. I made so many mistakes, I got to do everything right this time when it comes to race day nutrition and hydration. Oh, I also get TWO medals for completing the warm up series. Yes!!! The goal is to slow way down in the beginning and to go back to my fail proof nutrition plan (Clif shots). Have an amazing week and keep praying for me. 

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