Chevron Houston Marathon Training Week 28

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Marathon training is coming to an end! Two more weeks and I will be telling you all about the Chevron Houston Marathon 2017. Yesterday we dialed down the miles. I was reminded of how Marathon training is a challenge worth taking. This will be my 5th marathon and I am thankful to God for allowing me to make it through another round of training. 

Marathoners are these mystical beings, if you're looking from the outside. If you are inside the bubble, you totally get it. I want to tell you about my own experience inside of this (happy) bubble. 

I'm a wife and mother of three who is a long distance runner. During marathon training, my daily tasks never end. After I return home from my training run, let's say a 17-miler, I greet my family (who does not want any hugs because of my smell) and I take a  shower. I then, proceed to get back to my daily tasks - with compression socks on. I eat breakfast, wash dishes, braid hair and get ready for church on Sunday. One time I ran 19 miles, cleaned my house and went to the caterer who told me they didn't have my food (bummer) so I went to the grocery store to get some party food for 20 people. Let's say I slept well that night. 

Distance running goes beyond the "look at how many miles I ran today" posts. It fuels my life, no matter how much work it may seem for those outside of the bubble. 

This season, I've learned a lot about myself. I was reminded that I have what it takes to get back to my normal life after each run with grace, patience and love for everyone. I also took the time to encourage runners around me. I cheered them on and I celebrated their steps. I do it with joy and sincerity and without expecting anything back. 

Long distance running is more than a hobby. It is a passion worth pursuing. I appreciate you joining me and reading each post this season! For my last "Once Upon a Run" post, I'll tell you about visualization (my version) and what goes through my mind when the going gets tough during marathon. I'll also tell you how I prepare for the big day. 
Oh and the happiest 2017 to you!

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