School after 12 years

Sunday, January 22, 2017

12 years. That's how long I haven't been enrolled in school. I was accepted back to College and I was blessed with a scholarship to take Bible Study Methods. I am so happy about it!
I had been thinking about getting my PhD but the circumstances had to be perfect. God knows what He is doing and one class is exactly what I can handle at this time and season.

I forgot how much I enjoyed school. Learning something I am interested in really helps too. The world around me is much different than it was 12 years ago: I am blessed with a husband and 3 kids. My priorities are much different and I am blessed for it.

I didn't have a family when I was in school many moons ago but that didn't make my journey easy. I had to pray, study and trust God day by day. He proved Himself faithful and good beyond measure. I will carry the testimony of His faithfulness with me forever. When my husband came into my life, I was at the very end of a hard earned high education journey.

I highly admire mothers who go to school full time while working and taking care of their families. I have friends at church who do it with so much grace. They tell you it is hard but you can't tell by the smile and the faith in their countenance.

I quickly realized that I needed to be extra organized on the day I have class. I asked my husband to cook on week one (my husband can cook!) and on week two I got smart so I cooked ahead. When we all got home, dinner was ready extra quick. I am forever grateful that I got most of my higher ed done before becoming a wife and mother. I also know God gives grace to those who do not have this option in life. He gives strength to those that need to go back for more education.

When I'm at school, I try to be fully there. I am honestly interested in Bible Study Methods and my preparation makes sure that I am at ease about my family and home life.

I'm one of those persons who goes to school strictly with the goal of learning. If I make friends is a bonus. My college is a place where most people work, so I have the impression that most people have the same goal as myself.

It's been tough trying to to explain to others why I am taking such class. Most people who take Photography classes want to be photographers. My explanation is not that easy. I know I don't want to be a Bible scholar. I simply love the Bible and someone in my life saw the gift of God in me and decided to invest in me as the next generation of women of the Word.

I've always been surrounded by people who encourage me to know the Bible better. I've been taking small steps towards that goal. I've also known that Communication is my thing so I got my degrees and all my training in that area. I've also known that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and in order to know Him better, I must know the Bible. I agree that most people would take Bible Study Methods to be teachers, missionaries, Christian counselors, etc.

I am taking the class because I love God and I want to know Him better through the Bible. I believe that if I can know Him better, I can explain faith concepts better. I also hope to take the class as an act of being wide open to the people God is sending me to. He might not be sending me in the physical form (although I've been saying 'here I am Lord, send me to Italy' for a long time. Haha!) but my I know He wants to continue to use my written words. My words can travel the world and get in front of eyes I may never see. I want my words to have weight and authority, therefore, I am taking this class.

I am extra busy because I am at school but it's fruitful busy. I need to be extra organized but I am glad about that too. I appreciate your prayers as I continue my school journey, 12 years later.

P.S.: It also took me 2 weeks to figure out my best bet is to bring my snacks from home. I found two Starbucks on my way but the amount of car maneuver I have to do is not worth the effort. It's also cheaper to bring my coffee and snacks from home. I know, so me to save the dinero. Ha!