11 Years of Marriage - No Limo

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Central pic: Rev. Nicholson and the two of us in N.C., 2006.
The other photos are from when we were dating,
engaged and happily married.

The other day one of my daughters told me that a "limo" is something you get when you get married. She asked me if we rode on a limo when we got married. Our conversation got me thinking about the small beginning of our 11-year-old marriage. 

We got married at the home of my dear chaplain Rev. Nick Nicholson. Nick and Dimple were so sweet to open their living room to us, officiate our marriage and give us pre-marital counseling. We bought Indian shirts in the mall the day before and that's what we wore to our 11 a.m. wedding. 6 months later my parents sent us some money so we could buy wedding clothes for the "blessing of our marriage" ceremony. Many others helped make that day special: from music to food, everything was freely given so we could celebrate the start of our family. 

The Christian Marriage is not easy but it has been worth pursuing a relationship that will bear fruit in the lives of our children. We don't shy away from counseling. I believe it's foolish to portray an image of perfection. I much prefer to gently tell you that we believe in seeking wisdom and we go after it, no matter who makes the first move. 

I have a firm belief that God meant for us to be together, so if we follow His plan, we have 100% chance of succeeding in marriage. I am thankful for the fruit of our love: our dear children. I am thankful I didn't have everything I thought I needed to begin my married life with Zeke. There was no engagement ring, fancy dress (my friend Sendy and I went to the store and found one for $99), no honeymoon and definitely no limo. 

I have also learned to trust God to surround us with people who'd adopt us as family members. We haven't lived close to family for 11 years of our marriage. God knows that so He has softened the heart of a few friends towards us. I have learned to accept the love and help they give me and I am incredibly grateful for God's favor in that way. Truly I don't feel forsaken or alone because God's precious few have my back. 

There are many reasons to celebrate as you can see and none of them include a limo. So happy anniversary to the love of my life. I am glad we get to live our happy ever after together. 

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