How to Exit Social Media the SMART way

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

woman wearing had taking a selfie

So, you're leaving that Social Media platform again? Okay. I want to help you do it in a more strategic way. Let's jump right to it friend. 

1. Do NOT announce your exit - I don't know if anyone told you this but that's the lamest thing you can possibly do. Most of your friends roll their eyes when they read that you are leaving a particular social media platform because we all know you're coming back... with a vengeance! It's really funny to watch the trend. You may post: "friends I'm leaving this platform and I'll see you or won't!" If you could hear the other side of the screen you'd hear that slow 80s clap as well as the sound of your friends scrolling down to see what's really interesting in their feed. Whatever you do, please do not announce your exit. You may be wondering how would your thousands of followers find you in case of an emergency. I'd have to tell you that when people want to get a hold of you they are smart enough to figure out just how. 

2. Plan a S.M.A.R.T. exit - if you are abandoning the social media ship, make it S.M.A.R.T.:
S - Specific - how long will you be gone and why? If this is a forever thing, erase the app and forget about the website. If you know you're coming back, agree on a timetable and the goal of your exit. 
M - Meaningful - why are you leaving? Is the platform consuming your life or are you just pissed with some of your online friends? Are you leaving because your real life benefit from the time you are mindlessly browsing? Make it meaningful, make it work for you. 
R - Results oriented - Knowing your "why" comes in handy right here. If working on a real life project (such as your new year's goals) is the reason of your exit, be sure that you have your goal in mind. Think, "I will exit for ___ amount of time to write my book." Make it work for you every time my friend. 
A - Achievable - If 80% of your job includes social media management, we all know you can't possibly have a true social media exit. Be specific about what you would like to achieve and be sure your goals match that thought. If you are one of those folks who must be on Social Media because it is part of your job, maybe you need to recalibrate your usage. Reassessing your work goals comes in handy in this instance. 
T - time-bound - Because Social Media is not going anywhere (thus the fact that most exit announcements flunk) it is wise to give yourself a timeline for your exit. Do you need 10 days off? Do you need to erase the app for a few weeks until you reach that career oriented goal? Do you need to leave forever? You get to decide. 

3 - Get ready for withdraws - give yourself some grace because you will likely have withdraws. If you know that you will be tempted to see who Liked your "I'm leaving all y'all" post (I told you not to do that!), erase the App. Expect withdraws but commit to your plan. 

4 - Start Small - If you are going to have a successful social media exit, start really small and then move on to larger chunks. Remember that you must have a solid goal for this thing to work, it needs to work for you, not for the people who will be possibly rolling their eyes and giving you the 80s slow clap as you announce your exit again

Social Media is not going anywhere but you are. You have goals, you have dreams and I understand that sometimes you need a break to recalibrate. Do yourself a favor and plan a silent exit this time. Let me know how it works!