Lake Junaluska Ski Weekend 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm feeling very hopeful about the generation of young people I saw this past weekend. My husband and I had a chance to lead worship and speak at the last Lake Junaluska Ski Weekend for the season. 
A few of the amazing youth we met last weekend at Lake Junaluska
What I saw was a generation of generous, joyful and committed Christian young men and women. The world is already a better place because God created this generation of world changers. 

Our theme for the weekend was "Do Something" based on Matthew 25:31-40. We had so much fun talking about how clearly see Jesus so we can do something for Him. 

It was also a great honor to be back at the place where my family started. My husband and I got married at Lake Junaluska and two of our kids were born in the area. We were so incredibly blessed to visit many friends who became family. I enjoyed worshipping with our NC church family. Every little corner we saw brought a different, good memory. I am so glad we had a chance to come back and enjoy North Carolina. 

Back to the young people, if you are feeling bad about the world, you should connect with a youth group and pour out your wisdom into them. It blessed me to be surrounded by so much joy and enthusiasm about making a difference for Christ. 

I was also reminded that Christian camp rocks and my kids are attending for sure when they grow up. 

If you have never heard of Lake Junaluska, go to and book a trip. You don't have to be signed up for an event to enjoy the Lake, you can come whenever you'd like. The Terrace Hotel has recently been renovated and the place looks even better. There are also other options for lodging and meals. Trust me, you will love your Junaluska experience.

Have an amazing week and remember to keep hope alive friends!