10 Free Spring Break Activities

Monday, March 13, 2017

1. Pinterest Projects - Remember your Pinterest board? What about those supplies you got in the store to complete those cool projects? This is the week to get busy with them. Let's be honest: you could open your own craft store with all the things you have in your house. Get creative using what you do have. Your kids will love the things you come up with! 

2. Public Library events - This is the money maker friends. Your public library understands their goal demographic and they planned amazing events for this week all for FREE. In my neck of the woods there's an opera performance for kids, story time, movie and teddy bear camp just to name a few. Log on to their website and look at their schedule of events. I know you'll be glad you did. 

3. Your Gym - This is the week to put your gym membership to use. We're blessed to have activities for the whole family in my gym so the kids get super excited about going. 

4. That membership from Christmas - If one of your loved ones gave you a membership to the zoo or to the Children's Museum, use it this week. Of course it'll be packed but there are ways of getting there in less visited times (such as when they first open). Take the dust off those memberships and use them this week! 

5. Free Museum Days - Museums are wonderful places. Some are generous enough to offer free days. find out when those days are and start exploring. 

6. Parks - I love parks with all my heart. They are always there, they are always free and they are great ways to enjoy the great outdoors. I often take a picnic to make the occasion extra special. Plan a visit to a local park with your little ones this week. 

7. Church - Really Cintia? Church? You bet. These wonderful places do not close on Spring Break and they have great activities for kids. If your excuse has been 'I'm too busy with other stuff,' this is the week to engage in some faith building time for the whole family. It will make an eternal difference. 

8. The Beach - If you live close to the beach, this is a the week to go! It's not super hot but we can all agree that just looking at the water and letting the kids play in the sand is super fun. 

9. Playdates - Most people do not do a good job keeping in touch with their friends, so getting together for a playdate is a wonderful thing to do this week. Here's the 'big girl' challenge: offer to keep your friends' kids so she can have a few hours to herself. This is a true test of selflessness and love. I'm just saying and yes, I do practice what I preach. 

10. Grandma's House - If you live close to your folks, going to their house for a few hours is a great way of getting some family time. We don't, so we rely on our church family for that. The kids will also build some great memories that will last for a lifetime. 

11. Boredom - Most people don't know how to be bored and disengage their brain from the digital buzz. This week, give your kids the gift of boredom. I often turn off all the screens at our house and I force the kids to use their own brains. Goodness what a gift it is to be trained to use the brain and the imagination God gave us! 

I hope I inspired you to find some free fun this week. Let me know how it goes!