3 Productivity Hacks for Busy People

Monday, March 27, 2017

Everyone is busy. Here's my question for us busy ones: are we open to embracing the demands of this season? Here's a follow up question: what are the things (and who are the people) who demand your time? Here are my current demands:

Relationship with God;
Fitness and Nutrition;
Home making;

And believe it, these are not the only hats I wear. They do demand my attention this season tough. Here's what I am learning as I divide my precious 24 hours among these and other demands:

"It's not about the quantity of my time but about the quality of my time."

I only have 24 hours and most of my time goes into making sure the people inside of my house are capable of fulfilling their calls from God for this season. I also believe that my relationship with God should be my top priority. I have learned to make that happen first thing in the morning. I also use this same hack with exercise. If it happens early I don't have to worry about it later on during the day. Here are additional thoughts:

Learning shortcuts
I'm determined that there's a short cut for every are of life. Taking shortcuts do not make you lazy, it makes you savvy when it comes to time management. I've spend the past 8 months or so learning shortcuts to make home making more efficient. I've spent the past 5 years practicing shortcuts that guarantee that running is part of life, no matter how busy I may be. Are there any short cuts you can learn to ensure that you embrace your demands of this season?

Being Prepared
Failing to prepare means failing to succeed. Once I know what the shortcuts are, I make sure that I am prepared to succeed in my area of priority. For example, last night I set out my workout clothes to ensure that this morning's run happened. Last Saturday I prepared meals to be sure that Sunday would be a smoother day (and it was!). If I neglected preparation, I'd fail both in exercising and having a smoother Sunday. How can you prepare today for a more effective tomorrow?

Being okay with repetition
I hate to tell you this but a lot of things in life repeat themselves. In my Bible College class there's always homework. The dishes get dirty every day. I need rest every day. I have learned that when I learned to be okay with repetition, I started accepting the shortcuts and preparation times easily. It turns out that the things you repeat every day matter more than the things you do once in a while. To be very simplistic, drinking enough water every day matters more to your overall health than drinking it every once in a while cause you (cue the whiny voice) don't feel like it. Be okay with repetition my friend but be sure that those habits get you right to your goal.

Everyone is busy my friend. Here's my answer for us productive ones: let us embrace the demands of this season by learning shortcuts, being prepared and accepting effective repetition.