Higher Calling

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Today, I am a new creature. Old things have passed away, everything has been made new. As a new creature, I get to enjoy a sound mind with goodness and mercy following me.
Today I am forgiven. Old things have passed away and the healing I received I extend as I give others a second chance. I get to believe the best of others and encourage them on their way.
Today, I am a dreamer. My dreams pave the way to the destiny ahead of me. While reality may be harsh, my focus is on the purpose I carry in my heart. This purpose affirms who I was created to be and the God who crafted me.
Unique, purposeful, well able to create and collaborate.
I hold my head up high because looking up is the only way I can fulfill my higher calling.
Today I am more than what you see.
The great thing is that I see and I believe in my higher calling.