Two Stages of Change

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I talk to people who wish to make a change often. Like them, I have my list of wishes. Change only happens when I commit to adjust my life to welcome such change. 

A lot of people wish to run marathons. I had marathon running in my wish list as early as 2004. I adjusted my life and committed to the changes of marathon training in 2013. I have now ran 5 marathons and many shorter distance races. Wishing to run a marathon felt good. I dreamt about it and wrote it all down in my beautiful journal. Once my dreaming session was over, I simply walked away unchanged. While there is value in the dreaming stage for it is the seed stage, there is more profit in the commitment stage. 

I committed by building my mileage week by week. I committed by joining a marathon training group. I committed by signing up to run the Houston Marathon. I committed by completing the training schedule every week. I committed by working out during the week. When I crossed the finish line I saw the result of my commitment. 

Are you in the dream stage or are you in the commitment stage of your goal my friend? 

I once dreamt of going to graduate school. I often incorporate dreams in my everyday language so the seed grows and moves to the commitment stage. I talked about going to graduate school during speech class in college. I committed to my Masters Degree by applying to several Journalism Schools. Graduation day was the day I saw the result of my commitment in the form of my degree. I didn't have a smooth ride from dream to diploma but I overcome every obstacle on my way. 

I talk to people who wish to make a change often. I hope they can agree to identify their stage in the change process. Are you in the dream stage or in the commitment stage?