Chasing Unicorns

Friday, April 28, 2017

A door from my daughter's preschool. Used with permission.
You are currently chasing Unicorns my friend. The mythical creature resembling a horse with a single horn in the center of its forehead was a recent topic of discussion here in the U.S. The buzz happened because of Starbucks’ brilliant marketing campaign to get a bump in sales. The strategy worked. They ran out of Unicorn Fraps and people left with 76 extra grams of sugar in their blood stream. When chasing Unicorns, it's wise to know which one to chase.

During the same time of the Starbucks Marketing success, long distance runners turned their eyes to the Unicorn in the center of the Boston Marathon’s logo. Running Boston is very much like chasing Unicorns. You need to qualify to get in that race and qualifying is difficult. Someone like me must run a marathon in less than 3 hours and 40 minutes. The best I’ve done so far was 5 hours and 14 minutes. Do you see why qualifying for Boston is very much like chasing Unicorns? It can be done but oh, it’s difficult.

Driving to the nearest Starbucks and paying for a Unicorn Frap is very easy. Qualifying to wear the Boston Unicorn in my chest can be very difficult but it is possible.

The road less traveled is supposed to be challenging. The issue is, which Unicorn are you chasing?

This morning I spoke to a young lady chasing a Unicorn of her own. She’s a bank teller who is struggling in school and who has a passion to do makeup professionally. She told me her GPA was low and she wanted to work hard to bring it up. I encouraged her to stay the course, finish what she started and believe that as she chooses the narrow way, it will lead to incredible possibilities.

I look at my own life and the choices I have before me. I am choosing to "chase the Unicorn" as I invest in my health. The small steps I take today will make a difference in my later years. There’s nothing easy about getting up at dark o’clock, reading my Bible and exercising. I do know that it will pay off if I stay the course.

I recently had the crazy dream to pursue further education in Bible Study Methods. God opened doors and that was the easy part. The 12 weeks I took the class were hard. I chose to stay the course and God blessed me at the end. The grade was not the blessing, what I learned about God's character was my reward.

Stay the course my friend. It's hard, no doubt about it. Be sure to chase the Unicorn that will lead you to your wildest dreams.