Job Interviews as a Dance

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Me at a Ballroom.
Job interviews are like ballroom dance. I’ve had several in the past two years. No matter who’s on the other side of the desk, there’s one common denominator: me. I show up in  similar fashion: I’m early, I’m friendly, I’m prepared. I carry a yellow folder that contains extra copies of my resume and my iPad for note taking. I show up with questions for the possible employer. I wonder if this whole thing will work. I also have concerns possible employers care nothing about. I worry about hurrying up and relieving whoever is keeping my sweet kids. I worry about what the future would look like if the possible employer decides I am a good dance partner.

I heard that going on multiple job interviews was challenging. Now I know it’s true. Your mind starts to play absurd games. You start questioning your value and worth. You get right back to base when you remember the one common denominator: you.

There will always be someone on the other side of the desk. I’ve done this enough that I now know exactly how the dance goes. Job interviews are very much like ballroom dance. Possible employer dances and dances until they find the perfect dance partner to lead. I’ve danced enough to know that some partners are better than others. I know for sure that it is totally possible to get in the ballroom, dance the waltz and courteously bow and part ways. I’ve also experienced the opposite. At the end of the day it’s all okay because of that common denominator: me.

I feel hopeful when I remember that I as a dancer, I bring three things to the dance floor:

• Posture - Having good posture means that your Character is pristine. Perfect posture when dancing, makes you look confident and elegant. It improves balance and control and it allows your partner to connect with your dance moves. A poor character has made people lose more jobs than outdated resumes ever will. I know I need to take care of the basics so I do.

• Timing - If the music is the boss, timing is its servant. Your prospective employer has a rhythm. I often observe it when I sit in the lobby waiting to be seen. You can feel it in the way the employees greet you (or don’t). You can see it through the speed of their step. You have to match that rhythm my friend, otherwise, it’s just not a great partnership.

• Power - energy is exciting to watch but even the quickest ballroom dances must have power under control. Power assures that a dance number does not “explode” but it is effective, compelling and adequate. Meekness is like that because it is strength under control. The word Meekness can also be translated as humility and gentleness in a Biblical sense. Jesus was Meek and we read in Psalms that the Meek will inherit the earth and delight in abundant prosperity. Meekness is not weakness, it is controlled power.

Job interviews are like ballroom dance. As I walked away today, I am assured that I danced with great posture, my timing was good and my power was controlled.

Friend, if you are out there dancing too, remember that the only common denominator you can improve is reading my words right now. And you totally rock when you dance out there. Much love and hope from a fellow ballroom dancer.