How the Green 6.2 Race changed my life

Saturday, April 8, 2017

 The Green 6.2 was my first Texas race. I was fresh off my high of having a baby 10 months prior. I had looked and looked for a race and this seemed like a great fit. I trained in my neighborhood and got ready for the big day. My husband was not yet convinced that running was for him. 
 I remember running and wondering when I was going to the finish line. When I saw it, it was pure joy! Here are Zeke's photo and the race photo of that unforgettable moment:
This race has become my landmark race. I left the finish line with an insurmountable joy in my heart. It took me right to the start line of my first marathon. This race gave me the gift of possibilities. My eyes were opened, my heart was full and my life has never been the same. I'm so thankful!
Next Saturday (April 15) I am running the Green 6.2 for the 5th time. You can still join us and register at If you need a race that will encourage you to change the course of your life, this is it.