Lent Part 3 of 4

Sunday, April 9, 2017

We're approaching the end of Lent season, so I will give you an update and later on this week I will close the series with some lessons I can see from where I am standing. I have a five fold goal for this season which is: 

1 •  Pray and ask God for guidance; I have been doing quite a bit of praying. Between my last update and now I was faced with different problems that only God could work it out so to God I went. Prayer has been very much part of Lent this year. I am thankful for the privilege of going to God in prayer without having the help of none one but the Holy Spirit. 
2 • Read the Bible; One year ago I got derailed in my daily (One Year plan) Bible reading habit. This year I am persevering and going on as planned. I am finding the words relevant and I am repeating some of those words in prayer. I'm steady studying 2 Corinthians with my ladies Bible study and I am thrilled by the books of Moses in the Old Testament. Bible reading has been a pleasure and life giving this season of Lent. 
3 • Practice Biblical Fasting; My idea of fasting for Lent changed at the end of week one. I have learned to adapt and go with the flow without turning back and ignoring my desire to make Biblical fasting a habit. To be transparent, here's what happened. In my head, I'd fast half of the time. I fasted on day one and felt really blessed. My stomach got upset due to stress and I've spent quite a bit of time trying to manage the stress and get my eating back to normal (I was on baby food for quite a few days friends... tough times!). Still, I persevered with the Biblical fasting idea but in a modified way. Instead of fasting for 21 days, I fasted one meal. My goal is to keep the good habit going so it can be part of my devotional life. 
4 • Be Joyful; I've had more challenges than I signed up for these past 40 days. I have been reminded myself to be grateful and to be joyful. In my bad days, I audibly tell myself "I will not let this challenge get the best of me and destroy my day." This along with Bible reading and prayer has given me the strength I need to go on. 
5 • Listen; Say what? I'm listening like crazy, even when it seems that all I hear is silence from above. I have been in this faith journey long enough to know that sometimes God speaks to you after your time of prayer and fasting. Either way, I am satisfied with His ways and I am treasure every word I read in the Bible. I know God speaks and I am listening. 

Lent has been nothing like expected but everything I needed. A time to connect with God, get closer to Him and get to know Him better. At the end of the week I will close the series with a reflection on other lessons I learned from observing Lent in a non-traditional way. Thanks for reading friends!

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