Sickness? Do this not that!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I heard that you can measure someone’s inner strength by how much opposition it takes to discourage them. Illness can be very discouraging. I don’t get sick often but when I do, I find infinite compassion for those who are sick.

I’m a also a “the glass is half-full” kind of person which is annoying when you’re sick. I say this because illness is what it is. We all would avoid it or straight eradicate it but that’s not the reality of earth. Last week I learned 3 things that can help when someone you know is sick:

Compassion not pity - I truly learned that compassion is the key ingredient when dealing with the sick. Compassion is a feeling that hits your eyes and quickly makes its way to your heart causing action to happen. Those moved with compassion accomplish marvelous things in this planet. Pity is also a feeling but it has “detachment” as its main ingredient. Pity feels no responsibility for the sick after they leave the room and bathe themselves in hand sanitizer. When helping the sick, have compassion, not pity.

Later not Now - People who have temporary illness are often concerned about re-entering their normal world. Part of the heaviness they carry in their heart is not so much related to the now but the later. While we can’t do much about the now, perhaps we can help them with the later. Trust me, there is a list of errands and household chores somewhere. While I’m not advocating for you to drop every commitment in your life, I am encouraging you to invest in your friends’ re-entry into their normal life. A cooked meal always helps. Not forgetting your friend after the sickness is gone always helps.

Pray now and Later - I come from a people who will thank God for their snack before they take a bite of pastel. I saw the “pray now and later” precept modeled daily. Moving to a new culture does not mean that I have to adapt to what I see around me. I condition myself to pray with believers often, especially when they’re sick. It is rare that we leave each other’s homes without prayer. The prayer of the righteous is effective, and we must pray when we are helping someone who is sick. God doesn’t discriminate illnesses. I’ve heard testimonies of God healing dairy intolerance as well as HIV. He's healed me of pneumonia. He's healed my daughter of the stomach bug. Because there is nothing impossible for Him, it’s up to me to ask. Pray now, pray so the sick can hear your prayers and be blessed as you involve God in their situation. Watch hope arise as you do.

I understand many of us are private when it comes to sickness. Here’s the thing, the supernatural doors are always open, they do not close. So, your friend got sick and you didn’t learn anything about it till later? Don’t waste your time being offended, pray and ask God for healing and for complete restoration. If you have a chance to get close to your friend, remember to have a compassionate heart, help them readjust to their life and pray without ceasing.