7 things I'm loving this Summer

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

the divine activity
Here are some things I am loving this summer (and throughout the year)

MusicBlossom Dearie - I found her on Pandora and she graduated to her own station. I adore her rendition of “Someone to Watch over me” and “Manhattan.”
Book Reset by David Murray - I blogged about it recently. You can read it here
Exercise • Swim - Bike - Run - not necessarily in this order. I’m also lifting weights in the gym. It’s been great to add variety to my workouts.
Kids’ activityJournaling - They are finally old enough to do some serious journaling. I told them they’ll thank me for it in years to come.
Food • Watermelon - I think we consume one every two days. I might have to start planting the thing.
Beauty • Hair bun - my hair is finally long enough for it. This also means that it takes quite a bit of effort to detangle my hair. It’s all good.
Place • the Beach - our happy place foreal. It’s a 5-hour commitment to say the least. It gets pretty divine while we’re there as long as we properly apply sunscreen.
Podcast • How I built this - it’s one of my favorite podcasts out there. I love to hear how people come up with their ideas as well as how they overcome the many barriers to success.  

What are you loving this summer?