The Category Struggle

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This is me after my 'tech check' for Merry Ministries
I find it difficult to put myself in a box, but sometimes you just end up in a category. Some categories are easier to accept than others (mom, runner for example). A category I find myself in is Bible Teacher. I didn't ask for it, I kinda fell in it.
I'm a person who learned to love the Bible organically. I was taught the Bible and I saw it being lived out by real people. I also saw many people around me read the Bible all the time.
I found an increased interest for the Bible when I was by myself for the first time in my life when I moved to the U.S. 18 years ago. I figured out then that most of the advice I got over the years came from Proverbs (well played grandma!).
God knows I was here as an immigrant to get higher education degrees. I read the Bible, went to church, taught Sunday School and got good grades in grad school. I thought at time time that I was going to seminary. My pastor at the time told me to be open-minded cause some people go to Seminary after they get into their secular careers. I didn't like his advice at the time but it was wisdom.
I got into my career, got married, became a mother and I find myself not interested in attending seminary. I figured that if God wants me to do that, He'll have to make it extremely clear to me. I am not anti-seminary, I'm just content with my Masters Degree in Journalism.
The interesting thing is that instead of seminary, I enrolled in the "School of the Holy Ghost." I am having the opportunity to learn spiritual formation from women in my local church and community. I found mentors and people who keep encouraging me to serve God with gladness and study His word with passion. The goal is not to get a title but to get to know the God of the Bible better.

Oh, I am blessed to have many family and friends who went (or are going) to seminary and Bible School. When I have questions I take advantage of their fast knowledge without having to sit in school for years. That's a great deal in my mind!

This Spring I had the opportunity to take a Bible Study Methods class here in Houston at the College of Biblical Studies. I made it clear weekly that I was a "one and done" student. God opened that door and of course, when He opens another door I'll walk through it. He knows I'm satisfied with my level of eduction and a (free, fully funded) Ph.D. in Communications is what really makes sense in my mind. We'll see what happens!

Why am I telling you all this? Because this summer I am co-teaching Merry Ministries (our local, non-denominational women's Bible study) with two of my mentors.
I am honored, thankful and humbled by this opportunity. I have learned a lot from our teachers and it is an honor to be mentored by them.

I am not planning to take my show on the road once we are done with the summer series (are you serious? I have dishes and laundry waiting for me #glamlife). The real plan is to be planted under Godly, Bible based ministries such as my dear Merry Ministries.

It's funny to be put into a category such as Bible Teacher but I'll accept it as long as the first thing people sense is my love and fascination for the God of the Bible. I'm looking forward to teaching and having fun with the ladies this summer at Merry Ministries.

Do you struggle fitting into a certain category in your life? Do you think this is really a God calling in disguise?
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