How I am planning to Reset

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Any season is good for a reset, especially summer. I recently read "Reset" by David Murray and I highly recommend it to women and men who want to make a change but don’t quite know how or where to start. Reset is for people who have a purpose and have been working on that for years. Reset is for people who recognize things can improve. 

I enjoyed most of Murray’s writing. I agree that sleep is really next to holiness when it comes to a human being’s capability of functioning in this world. I agree that time with family needs to be thought through so that we can accomplish it and enjoy long lasting bonds. 

I think that the thing that stayed with me the most (other than living a grace-paced life), was how to rebuild your identity on scriptural foundations. Here’s what Murray offers: 
“Rebuild your identity on scriptural foundations:
1. Reordering priorities
2. Expanding incompletes
3. Filling in gaps 
4. Prosecuting falsehoods
5. Adding balance 
6. Refraiming failure
7. Accepting change” 
From “Reset” by David Murray. 

Here’s how I’m internalizing his framework: 

1. Reordering priorities • Every now and then I need to reorder my priorities. This can be a painful yet fruitful exercise. Painful because a lot of times I just want to keep things the way they are. Fruitful because if I go through this with this decision, life in a long range view will be better. 
2. Expanding incompletes • Incompletes are things I need to follow through with. They are not just good ideas I had (trust me, I have a great list of those!) those are things I started but for some reason I pushed them aside. Finishing what I started is an exercise of self-control and I have what it takes. It also helps me to cultivate Godly character. 
3. Filling in Gaps • The world around us put us in a box so much that sometimes, we need to fill in the gaps. I’m often seen just one way and when I chose to fill in the gaps, I claim strengths that God has given me instead of not mentioning them at all. I choose to believe that those strengths were given to me to benefit others so no reason for keeping them in the dark. It’s not a matter of pride, it’s a matter of transparency and authenticity. 
4. Prosecuting Falsehoods • We all have false ideas about ourselves. I’m very interested in prosecuting falsehoods in my head. It might take a whole legal team but I will get it done. I think the world benefits from a Cintia who functions in the truth of who God created her to be. 
5. Adding Balance • Recalibration is a must for my life to work well. When my life is unbalanced, another parts of life over compensate. When a runner is injured in one leg and the other leg is overcompensating, their stride looks painful. Recovery is a must, adding balance does just that. 
6. Refraiming failures • I have learned that to reframe failure means that no experience is wasted. God does promise to work things out for my good. While He does His part, it’s up to me to learn from from failure and become wiser as I know myself better. 
7. Accepting Change • It’s easy to see that others need to accept change but at times, it’s hard to see it in ourselves. I’ve been blessed to have a few kind people tell me to accept the fact that a certain activity in my life was not working for me. It wasn’t my fault or the activity’s fault. It was just a matter of accepting the fact that I needed to follow a different direction. I often think that it is not wise to live wishing I was still 16. Much has change in these past 21 years. I’m different, circumstances are different and I must accept change in order to live a more fruitful life. 

I really enjoyed “Reset” and I recommend it as a summer book that actually will help you move forward with your life. And no, no one paid me to write this. You guys know my husband is my “sponsor” so trust my opinion always.