Living a Grace-Paced Life

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Have you ever looked back over your life and wondered, “how did I do that?” I have. Arriving in the US with $200 in my pocket only to get $100 stolen in the first 48 hours. I had grace for that. I also had grace to find a job in the college cafeteria soon after I arrived. I had grace to do a job that wasn’t glamorous but helped my character grow so much.

Looking back is easy. The difficult part is to admit that we have what it takes to live a Grace-Paced Life today. Grace is that favor God gives you to live your now life. Allowing Grace to Pace you it is where wisdom resides.

I’ve used pacers for a marathon I ran in Chicago. The pacer’s job was to keep a certain speed throughout the race so that we would together arrive at the finish line at the desired finishing time. As you and I live each day, we need to let Grace be our pacer.
Unforgettable Chicago Marathon 2014

If you stayed up all night with a sick kid and you are committed to nursing them as opposed to all the plans you had - you have grace.
If you find yourself at a loss of love and a loss of words for that relationship you thought would never fail you - you have grace my friend.
When you find yourself a day late and a dollar short - you have amazing grace.

When you let Grace pace you, you allow Grace to decide your speed. To be completely honest, every good pacer knows that sometimes you have to adjust the pace according to current circumstances. If the race is happening in a humid day, forget about speeding through the course. Taking a trip to the hospital due to dehydration and exhaustion is vain, so Grace will implement a plan B pace. As you allow Grace to pace you, expect to get to the finish line in the best shape possible.

I’m writing this post for me but I can’t help but to believe that some of you my friends need to find a Grace-paced life. Let me remind you and I that that the Grace-Paced lifestyle is not glamorous or very impressive. It is filled with agape love, acceptance or one’s uniqueness and joy. The perks are internal and everlasting.
I’m here to encourage myself first and you to follow Grace as we proceed in this marathon of life. I’m grace-paced and I will cross the finish line this season is offering me.