Bible in a Year: half way to Goal

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last year I failed in reading the Bible in a Year. Yep friends, I don't succeed in everything I set out to do. I decided I'd give it another try which makes it the third time I try to succeed in this thing. Here's a recap:

Year 1: I started late, got late with the reading several times and succeeded. I used an App.
Year 2: I started late, got derailed in the Spring and failed. I never abandoned the Bible itself, I just didn't read the whole thing in a year. I used a mix of the App and my own Bible. 
Year 3: I started January 1 and I was able to keep up with the reading. I've gotten late but I've been able to catch up. I'm suing the One Year Bible book which gives you the actual dates and readings arranged in 365 readings. 

Today, June 20 we are in 1 Kings 22:1-53; Acts 13:16-41; Psalm 138:1-8; Provebs 17:17-18. All of this reading takes around 15 minutes. 

Here's what've learned over these past 3 years:

This is JUST Bible reading. Reading takes 15 minutes. While I get something out of it, reading is very different from studying. I study the Bible by myself (remember that Bible Study Methods class I took? I use the good info I learned from there to study) and also with my sweet Merry Ministries sisters. I study to show myself approved.  I study because I'm fascinated with the God of the Bible. I study because the truths found in the Bible make my life make total sense, even with senseless stuff happens to me. So, why do I keep reading? I find that every time I read, the entirety of the message makes more sense to me. I also find that my brain is becoming quite the Bible concordance. Super fun and exciting. 

When I get late, I know just what to do. I try not to get chronically late to start with. I've read ahead but that's not my style. If I get really late, I just plan on catching up slowly. I also learned that God understands my life (He created it and He's all knowing) and He understands that this is not about perfection but it is totally about seeking the perfect One. 

I like this book format. I like it for many reasons. When I was using the App, the kids didn't quite know what I was doing. The book form gives them a better idea of my habit. I do want them to see what I'm doing. I ocassionally read what I'm reading to them so reading from a physical book works better. 
The book format with the dates also help me physically see my progression. The app doesn't give my brain the same sense of satisfaction and progress. If the app is all you have (that was me on year 1), go for it. 

I'm learning new things from old stories. We are currently parked in Elijah/Elisha. I love, love, LOVE First Kings because of my boy Elijah. While historically I felt dread about reading the prophets (mostly because I never studied them and I lacked a structure such as Merry Ministries to help me along) I never feared reading about Elijah. He's weird, he's human, he's abrupt, he's fascinating. Oh, my dad had a band in the 80s and the cover of the LP is a drawing of Elijah in his chariot going to heaven. Yep, me and Elijah have history! In 2017 I can say that while I still love Elijah, I've been interested in the family line of King Ahab. I learned a lot about his dad (I might write about it) and I've learned about the influence Jezebel had on King Ahab. It made me think of the influence I have in the King that lives in my house (Zeke). Basically, as a wife, I want to influence my husband to worship God. 

Friends, I'm half way there. If I can start late, get delayed several times, fail and then succeed (all while juggling a super full schedule), you too can invest 15 minutes in something that has eternal value.