You have an interesting story

Monday, June 19, 2017

You may not think you have an interesting story but you do. 
Sure, you are never going to be in the news. A documentary may never be dedicated to your life. The thing is, God still wants you to share your experiences with others. 

I'm not talking about those super long Facebook posts I personally do not read. 
I am talking about sharing your story with others as you listen to their heart and you can totally relate because you have been where they are. 

The time you worked hard and finished your degree: you need to share that with a discouraged student. 
Your experience moving to a new town. When you hear about isolation and sadness for leaving home and welcoming the new, you need to share your experience. 

Friend, you are the expert in your own life and it is time others benefit from your wisdom. 

Wisdom is such a big word but it is exactly what you gain when you live life and you learn to keep walking with dignity. 

Even stories of failures can be used to help others. The truth about failure is that what you learn about yourself is the redeeming part of failing. There are many people who can learn from your failures. Do not deny them the wisdom you carry inside.

I'm not proposing for all of us to go on Live video and air out our dirty laundry. I am proposing that we start listening closely to the hearts around us. I am proposing we pay attention to that twig in the heart when they share their current challenge. I am encouraging us to go ahead and empatheticly give them hope because we have been there too and we out of people know, it's going to be alright.