Coaster for the Soul

Monday, July 10, 2017

I bought some coasters many moons ago and I felt inclined to put them out on the table yesterday. I bought them on sale (sorry, I have to tell you they were a good deal because I am not a 'coaster purchaser' by nature) and I liked the flowers in them. They also had a Bible verse in the bottom. I never paid attention to it, really, until today. 

My kids, who now can read, typed that Bible verse in an old iPod we let them play with (no wireless, in case you're wondering). I was glancing at the iPod when I read "I watch in hope for the Lord." I told the kids I like that scripture and asked where they got it from. They told me, "the coasters." 

Coasters are interesting things. I didn't grow up using them in the third world so I am quick to dismiss them but I know people who religiously use theirs. My mother-in-law for example. There are coasters everywhere at her home and trust me, all her furniture is impeccable because of it. My furniture on the other hand... not so much. I made up my mind that these child rearing years will be felt by everyone: furniture included. I told myself that the furniture will reflect the hustle and bustle of living and loving in real life. The furniture will get used and it will get old and dirty. What's the use of getting stressed out if kids will be kids? Still those coasters reminded me that things could be better, furniture can last longer and clean up, easier. 

Coasters are there to simply protect the furniture from the incoming, predictable weariness. I wish there was a coaster for the soul today. The incoming, predictable weariness of life does affect me. I cry. I even feel like cussing sometimes. Then, I remember those words of old, beautifully said by the prophet Micah. More about this great individual: Micah's name means "who is like the Lord?" I also appreciate the fact that his ministry was for common folk like you and I. He is basically speaking to us. Here's that verse from the iPod in its entirety:

“Therefore I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me.” Micah 7:7 NKJV

At last, there is a coaster for the soul: the words I read in the Bible. Weariness comes (as it should) but it doesn't have to leave marks in my soul because those words of life are like coasters, reminded me of the grace, protection and hope I have in the Lord Jesus. 

Do you feel weary today? Is it enough to make you want to cuss? Don't feel bad. Actually, feel very much human if you're tired of the weight of life's burdens. What I do want to remind you is that God's words can bring amazing protection for your soul. Rely on Him today. He will come thru for you. God will hear our prayers because that's Who He is.

I can't promise you we will have coasters every time we eat a meal. I can tell you that from now on, when I see one, I will remember to watch for the Lord to help me when I get weary. He is my protection and He's reliable at that.