Cow Appreciation Day Outfit Ideas

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summers are for fun and my kids have loved dressing like cows for free chicken. When I started my summer camp in 2013 I had no idea what Cow Appreciation Day was. It turns out that for 13 years, Chick-fil-a has been giving free chicken for those who dare to dress like cows and show up at the restaurant to celebrate. I am yet to convince my husband to join the fun but the kids love the idea! 
Cow appreciation day 2015 outfits
I went to Pinterest for inspiration on how to get our 2015 outfit done. I honestly tapped construction paper to black and while clothes. 
Cow appreciation day 2016 outfits 
Last year we printed masks and the kids colored them themselves. We found some black and white clothes and tapped some more paper spots on them. Trust me, the kids told me themselves they are more interested in fun and food than fashion.

This is us in 2017, still appreciating cows!
This summer has been a bit different because I felt like I wanted to take my cow outfit assignment more seriously. It didn't start that way tough. I went to the store in search for some cow masks and they were nowhere to be found. I became very sad until I remembered Pinterest. I was in the bandana section (I love bandanas!) where I saw a cow print one and I thought, let me ask Pinterest what to do. I searched bandana dresses and I saw some cute ones. I relied on Youtube tutorials to get it done and we ended up with a pretty good product! My kids were nervous about the project. They said, "I hope we have a sowing machine" and I said "I do" as showed them my hands. I wasn't sure what my son wanted for his outfit so I showed him a few options on Pinterest and he said the cape would be better because his goal was to play in the play area. 
Hot Glue gun power, party plates and you have cow masks!
I'm looking forward to celebrating cow appreciation day again. I might save the outfits and use them over and over again.