Taking responsibility for the Care of our Soul

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We are pretty responsible when it comes for the care of our homes, bodies, children and belongings. When it comes to our souls, we often give that responsibility to others. We allow social media icons to care for our souls. We give the care of our souls to our favorite TV personalities. We even give that responsibility to people who never met us but provide us with temporary comfort and entertainment through enticing words. 

Here’s what I’m saying: there is only One Shepherd of our souls and I believe His name is Jesus. He has every answer, He has guidance, care and healing just to name a few things He gives. 

When we assume responsibility for the care of our souls, we admit that humans can’t help us with our root issues. We understand that God can do that and that through His word, we can find healing, health and guidance for our inner lives. 

When we assume responsibility for the care of our souls, we recognize that God did establish ministers (Ephesians 4:11-13) to equip us and build us up. These people are supposed to know us as they see us at least a couple of times a week and they know our families and our history. I can’t trust the care of my soul to a person who does not see me or know me. Even the people in the Bible who had seers (take David for example) had access to those guys and vice-versa. Don’t hide from the gifted people God placed in your life. Give them access so they can bless you with their spiritual care.

I believe that ultimately, when we assume the responsibility for the care of our own souls, we know that one day, we will stand before God by ourselves and we will provide answer for ourselves. If this sounds scary, I suggest you get to know the God will be sitting on the throne doing the big ask. He is incredibly good, awesomely merciful and slow to anger. 

He gives us, with each new morning, the opportunity to care for our own souls by giving Him the lead in that matter. Let us therefore, assume that responsibility as if we were ready to answer the big questions God will ask us one day.