10 Job Interview Tips

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

stay at home mom going back to work interview tips

1 • don't let a "No" take away your confidence 
2 • when you step in to have your interview, give it your all 
3 • listen attentively for things said but specially for things not said
4 • don't turn off your senses: use them as soon as you walk in the door
5 • rehearse your elevator pitch. Most people open up by asking you to say something about yourself. Be sure to know what you will say before you get there and say it with confidence. 
6 • Be sure to have a few questions to ask. Even if you use the standard questions over and over, never leave with unanswered questions. 
7 • Don't spend a lot of money on clothes each time you interview. Wear the same quality outfit each time. Stick with what works. Trust me, even if you're a model, people are not hiring you for your clothes: they're hiring you for your expertise. I also think it's not wise to spend $1,000 in clothes before you get a job, but that is my personal opinion.
8 • If you feel better about taking notes during your interview so you can remember what to ask, do it. Note taking shows you care. 
9 • Do your homework on the company interviewing you. If they ask for feedback, offer it graciously. Just be sure you read and do your research on what's publicly available. It will show that you care and you show initiative and motivation. 
10 • Do such a great job interviewing that when you shake hands, there are no regrets. Do such a good job that you can sleep soundly because you did the best you could. 

There's a place out there for you. Don't let the normal process of interviewing (or trying to get an interview) take away your confidence in the professional you are.