On Jealousy

Monday, October 9, 2017

I believe that most adults have felt jealousy. Other than a feeling, it is also a disposition, an attitude. It is also a petty drive. Jealousy is the worse. 

That painful awareness of another's possessions or advantages and the desire to have them can be called covetousness. I hate to tell you this but the Bible tells us not to covet. I believe it is a commandment.

Some people are very open about their jealousy towards you or others. Jealousy is a resentment that spills out malice. 

I believe it is important not to become too familiar with that feeling. Do not let it take root in your heart. How can you do that? 

I have a simple suggestion: turn your face. Stopping looking at the object of your jealousy. These days, those objects are very present in social media.

If you feel jealousy rising up like heart burn in a pregnant woman, turn your face. Unfollow that chick you're jealous of. Trust me, she'll never know and that's a great thing (thank God for advances in technology right?). As you turn your face, you can look at your own " green grass" and pay attention to your own blessings.

I also encourage you to take your crazy reason to be jealous to God. Trust me He can handle it. He can forgive you and educate you with His priceless perspective. Grab a hold of God's perspective because you will discover how happy life can be on the other side of jealousy. 

Don't let this world convince you that jealousy is okay. It can be lethal. It will certainly blind you from beholding your great blessings.

What is the source of your jealousy? What is God's perspective on the subject? More importantly, what will you do about it?