Finish Line November

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mid-November is that time of year we’re all trying to make it to the “finish line.” The problem is that we’re not there yet. Today I want to encourage you to take decisive steps towards finding balance in your life.

Focus on that which can be done today - if you have a big goal ahead of you, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Try to focus on what you can do together. Whether the goal is to declutter, finish a big project at work or get a breakthrough with a particular kid, focus on what can be done today. Smalls steps will lead you to that big goal. You just have to focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

If everything is in disarray, start with laundry and food - this one is for people like me who are often trying to get control of their household chores. Trust me, start with laundry and food instead of trying to paint that extra bedroom. Why laundry and food? You will need clean clothes to step outside of the house. You will need food for energy. If you can get both going at the same time, great.

Prep something for tomorrow - Having a huge prep day is not always feasible but I can always do one thing. In my dream world, I prep food and clothes for the week, each weekend. Most of the time, I can get part of my goal done. This weekend for example, I did laundry and I’m hoping to prep at least one meal for the week. One is better than nothing.

Take a deep breath, tomorrow is another day - We need to remember to be good to ourselves. Use compassion when thinking about your goals. If you just came through a difficult season in life, give yourself compassion and understanding. Whether you need to push through a difficult task or you need to take a break from it, take a deep breath. Remember that when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, you have another day tomorrow.

As you push to the finish line, wherever yours may be, remember to be compassionate with yourself and enjoy the gift of today.