(Unintentional) Church Hopper

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I became an unintentional Church Hopper when I moved to Texas. Unintentional because I didn't intend for things to end up this way. Church Hopper because it is what I do.
Let me start from the beginning. 
We moved to Texas because of my husband's job. While we were happily planted in our church, I realized that most of my church friends had a different schedule than mine, making it challenging to fellowship with them during the week. That's when God blessed me with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers at church number 2. That group not only changed my life but they still have a positive impact in my existence. 
My kids went to a preschool at church number 2 as well. From there, I was introduced to my dear Bible Study, which meets at church number 3. Someone in my mommy group also told me about church number 4 which is we attend Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp and day school. 
A few years ago I was blessed to work at church number 5. I also invited to a ladies' event at church number 6.  
When God called us to transition to a new church, we visited church number 7 on Sundays. We were so loved and welcomed by the body of Christ! It was truly a time of healing, encouragement and joy. When I got my job, we then went to church there on Sundays for awhile. That would bring the count to 8 churches if you're keeping up.  
I'm also that friend that if invited to your church, I will probably show up (I won't add those times to my count). I enjoy going to my friend's churches to worship and fellowship with them. I also feel that I get a different window into how different people worship God. 
Being an unintentional church hopper pays off when the church I attend doesn't offer some program or event I'd like to go. One of our neighborhood church's offers a Walk through Bethlehem event for families every Christmas season and we attend faithfully. I am thankful to them. 
If you are a person who knows every church needs volunteers, you may be concerned about my church habit. Don't be. I have volunteered in most of the places we visited. I'm not fancy about my volunteering either: I'm the person who will accept whatever position is needed. It is more blessed to give than to receive. 
My unintentional church hopping taught me that in order to be the body of Christ, it is a gift to actually see how the other parts function. It's hard to do that if I'm only inside of 4 walls continually. 
I have been in seasons where we are so busy serving our local church that we have little time to go elsewhere. Apparently, this is no longer the case. 
I'm not advocating for people to go from church to church aimlessly. I am finding joy in being planted in a local church while hanging out with brothers and sisters from other churches. 
Our county is very transitional in nature. I find it a blessing to be welcomed in so many different places. We've made a lot of friends and now that we are in our new home church, we look forward to serving God with gladness there. 

• Have you ever been an unintentional church hopper?