Goals for the rest of the year (what was my word for the year anyway)?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I was at the end of a run when I thought, "Goodness, it's November and I forgot what my "word for the year" is." It wasn't my idea to have a word to begin with. I'm the person who gets made fun of because she carefully categorizes her goals. I was told choose a word anyway, so I did. And now I can't remember. 

I did remember telling myself: "choose something positive." 

My mind was in a million little places at the end of that run. Besides not remembering my word, I was certain that my goals for 2017 had to be re-done. What was I thinking? I had no idea that 2016 was going to throw 2017 in disarray. 

Then I remembered. My word was "fruitful." 

I was afraid of getting pregnant because I chose that word. Erase that thought and move on to the real intention here. I chose it because I felt like I've planted seeds. I've plowed. Hard. I was ready to see some fruit. I also feel like I've done my part to water the seeds that were planted. I was ready to see fruit in 2017. 

This "choose a word for the year" thing can actually work. Last year the word was "steadfast" and I had no choice but to be just that. I'm thankful to God for the person He encouraged me to become.

This year the word is fruitful. 

Harvests are always joyful. I'm hoping that I will produce much fruit for the kingdom of God just as I am. 

Do you remember your word? What was it?