It's race weekend: reflecting on the 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon

Friday, January 12, 2018

It's race weekend and I am not racing.
Oddly enough, I'm not sad. How could I be? 
I know what it takes to run a marathon. 
I understand the hopes one takes to the starting line. 
I know the doubts and the fears as well as the faith. 
I'm not sad, I am glad. 
I'm glad I took the year off to recalibrate. 

I still ran, faithfully for fun. 
I still saw my friends a few Saturdays. 
I still rejoiced with their accomplishments and prayed for their trials. 
I'm still here. 

It's race weekend and I know that what you will accomplish will be amazing. 
Not many people call themselves long distance runners but you're it. 

I won't say "good luck" because you'll need way more than that.
I say "good hope." You will need hope before during and after the race. 

Hope that you will run your best race.
Hope that your mind will cooperate through upcoming challenges. 
Hope that you will enjoy the course in its entirety. 
Hope that you will have the true wealth which is health. 
Hope that you will not compare yourself with anyone else, not even with your previous record. You're a new you, a great you and well able to enjoy your accomplishment. 

It's race weekend and I have a smile on my face. 
There's no room for jealousy. I can't be jealous of you and rejoice with you at the same time. 
I'm throwing a pre-party for you my friend. 
I'm celebrating your accomplishment because your victory is my joy. 

It's race weekend and I know not everyone shares my feelings.
Let all the negativity flee from your heart as water flees from oil.
Let the peace of God dwell in your mind richly.
He brought you this far and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

It's race weekend.
Run, rejoice and recover well.
See you on the other side of the finish line!
Houston marathon course
Running my first marathon ('14) with some of my favorite people.