Weight Watchers: 4 tips for Birthday Weight Loss

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I celebrate my birthday every year around the holidays. I have learned to celebrate the day with the people who mean the most to me. I thank God for another year of life and I enjoy the day to the fullest. 
My sweet family know how to celebrate me daily.
My weight watchers goal did not interfere with my birthday. The day was about family, not food (although I didn't miss a meal). I also decided to start the day with a 3.8 mile run to match my new year of life. Running is one of my favorite things so I always run on my birthday. 
3.8 is great!
So, how do you lose weight the week of your birthday?
1. Well, I didn't focus on food. I focused on the love of family and friends.
2. I set this goal the week before. I worked at it and I persisted in reaching those goals you see at the end of this post.
3. I remembered that there isn't a scarcity of whatever food I think I may think I can't get any other day of the year.
4. I remembered my overall goal. I was thankful to be where I am on the way to where I am going.

I'm enjoying my experience with the Weight Watchers app. I do have an accountability partner in real life who actually goes to meetings. I appreciate her encouragement and I believe we will both reach our goals. Here's one thing you may not know: EVERY time someone asks me to be a health accountability partner they lose weight. I mean, EVERY time. Just thought you'd like to know that :)

As I move forward this year, I am persuaded that I can do this. I am doing it already so my goal really is at hand.

Friend, how do you face the challenge of healthy eating during special occasions? What works for you? Thanks for joining me in this healthy journey!

Goal for the week: Track with the ww app, measure and weigh everything I eat. Exercise at least 4 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
Current Weight: 166.8 lbs

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