What my Neighborhood Coffee Shop Taught me about Goals

Sunday, January 7, 2018

We've been eagerly waiting on a super famous coffee shop to open in our neighborhood. We were curious about what the facility was going to be once construction started.  
There were many wild guesses so I decided to ask the people who worked in the pharmacy next to it what the building was going to be. Everyone was so excited about a future coffee shop! So excited, we thought the place was going to have two floors! The more the construction advanced, the more we realized our sources were wrong. Still, the excitement continues. 
Once the construction phase is over, we will enjoy our favorite cup of coffee in the closeness of our neighborhood. I wish that my new year's goals were as predictable as this coffee shop's construction process. 
Just because I set out to do something, it doesn't mean it will happen as predicted. In real life, we experience delays and detours. The fact is that we can't give up, we must persist. 
I'm stepping into the second week of this shiny new year knowing that I have resolve to accomplish my goals. I am also aware that every goal worth pursuing will require persistence because... delays and detours. 
If I expect detours, I won't be surprised that it will take me a bit longer to arrive at my destination. The important thing is to arrive and to enjoy the result of my goals in the closeness of a thankful heart.

Most of my goals this year have the purpose of building in what I accomplished in the past few years. I want to continue the habit of organization. I want to continue to read and study the Bible. I want to write for print. I want to get back to living with a body who has a normal BMI. I want to run long distance for fun. I know what it is to experience delays when it comes to goals. I have to believe that I have what it takes to reach my goals.