Get Organized Now: 5 Tips plus one.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Do you need to get organized now? Here are a few ways to get started. I practiced all of these tips and they work well for me. I hope they work for you too.

1. Grocery Pickup/Delivery 
I wasn't convinced grocery delivery was for me until my brother told me that this service saved him 2 precious hours each week. I started wondering: what would I do if I had 2 extra hours in my week? The possibilities are bountiful. I was a late adopter of grocery pickup also because I didn't want to open another account, I prefer to choose my own produce, insert any other excuse here. Then one week came when neither my husband, myself or the kids had time to go to the grocery store. So I chose  a local grocery store. They deliver the groceries at my doorsteps and the whole process was really easy. Last week we tried grocery pick up. It went really well although I forgot to buy a bunch of items, so next time I will have a more comprehensive list. I still enjoy going to the grocery store but when my schedule is tight, grocery delivery/pick up is the service the service for me.

2. My 45-minute solution
I created this organization method a few years ago out of the need to stay ahead and to be organized. I will write an ebook about it this year to explain the process in depth. I have tried this method on regular days as well as days when all I truly had was a small amount of time to dedicate to my home. Over the years this method has helped me maintain my sanity and the good flow of my home. 

3. The right tool for the job
Having the right tool for the job has helped me stay organized. Many years ago we had a vacuum cleaner that did not work properly. Once we bought a new one, we have been able to keep our carpet areas truly clean. I have also struggled with toy organization over the years. We found two containers that have helped us stay organized yet, everything is accessible to little hands. I have learned that sometimes, being organized is a matter of finding the right tool for the job. 

4. Finish what you started 
I heard this tip 5 or so years ago and that's how I got my start in getting my home organized. My first baby step was finishing the dishes I started. Then, once I found my 45-minute solution, I would finish the 45-minute organization session I started. I have learned that sticking with small projects (cleaning a drawer instead of the whole kitchen) brings about immediate results and finishing what I start is the foundation of my success. 

5. Food and laundry approach 
Let's face it, things will get crazy and chaotic. In my house, all it takes is for the to be extra tired and for my schedule to be extra busy. A tip that works for me is to "start with food and laundry." Food because my people eat several times a day and I cook most if not all of their meals. Laundry because my people enjoy clean underwear. When you start with food and laundry you guarantee that your family has their basic needs covered. Once things slow down, we can tackle that guest room that's driving us crazy. If everything is in disarray, resist the urge to deep clean the bathrooms. Start with food and laundry and slowly move on to other projects. 

A bonus organization solution each one of us has are friends. Our friends are great resources. When we resist the urge to hide what we are going through from our friends, we gain much needed empathy, wisdom and love. 
If all you get is an understanding friend who whispers "you can do it," count it as a win. 

I hope these tips have helped you get and stay organized. What other tips can you add to this list?