New job: 3 truths to remember

Friday, February 16, 2018

New job, new week, new routines. I have been incredibly blessed with a new job opportunity and only God could have landed me where I am. We are all extremely happy. 
Yet, every opportunity brings about new challenges. Every new challenge brings about the possibility of resilience and growth. 

While I am adapting to this new season of life, I am reminded of the following truths:

It takes a village - I have been blessed to have help along the way. I am not embarrassed to ask for help in prayer and in people. I choose not to live life as a solo entity therefore, I will rely on the community God gave me. 

It takes self care - I can't give what I don't have so I choose to care for soul, body, mind, spirit. There's a price I pay in order to do that. There's a greater price I pay when I don't. 

It takes focus - I have learned that focusing on the God who opened doors for me is very wise. Also, focusing on the family He gave me is just delightful. 

I am thankful God gave me a new start in the beginning of the year. I have dedicated my life to His service and I hope that as I remember these three truths, I will have what it takes to succeed.