Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 15, 2023

How do you find consistency in exercising?

Prep your outfit the night before • the fewer hurdles between you and exercise, the better.
Find the minimum amount of exercise you need each week • This will transform busy weeks into healthy ones. Once I found my "minimum" I've been able to successfully exercise without having to stop and start all over because life was busy. 
Keep challenging yourself • Adding a bit of excitement to exercise is good. Challenging yourself will cut down the mundane and keep the habit going. 
Sign up for a Race • Races are a great source of motivation to train. If you are not into running, any fitness competition for regular people will do. 
Get enough sleep • The most neglected yet the most important part of fitness is recovery. Be sure to know how much sleep you need to recover and get it done. 
Be patient with yourself • Learning how to implement an exercise routine requires patience. Practice self-compassion and give grace to yourself. 
Start small, stay consistent • I've seen a lot of people start big then quit. If you start small, chances are, your body and mind will adapt to your new normal.