Listenbee Kitchen this Week

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Chili and fixings - this is our favorite recipe and it always works. I made cornbread (Jiffy) with cinnamon apple sauce instead of egg. It was delish! We had sour cream, cheese, corn chips and salad. A coworker made special cupcakes so that was our dessert!
• Pizza from ALDI - I enjoy the size, price and taste of this pizza. 
• Grilled salmon, mac and cheese, salad - no special recipe for this one. The mac and cheese will come from a box. I know. I am seasoning the salmon with Jamaican jerk rub. 
Beef ramen noodles + zucchini - This will be a new recipe for us. 
• Shepherd's pie + salad - I didn't use a recipe for this one. The family loved it and we had a lot of leftovers for later. 
Black Bean Soup - this will be a new recipe for us as well. 
• Once a week we eat out at church. Chicken chili, salad, rolls, and brownies are in the menu for dinner that day.